Since the Council for Estate Agents (CEA) was formed in 2010, an average of 829 complaints were made against real estate salespeople every year!


why if i tell you that 50% of the time, it is the real estate agents' fault. The other 50% lies with the home sellers?

Let’s start by looking at the real estate agents first, then we will share how some home sellers messed things up and caused problems for themselves. Importantly, how you can avoid all these!


While some of these complaints could be due to minor offenses, many customers lost money because their real estate agents did not act in good faith, misappropriated client funds, or misrepresented the real estate transaction. 

YEAR 2009
Before the Council for Estate Agents (CEA) was formed, a rogue real estate agent embezzled over $830,000 from a client.

YEAR 2013
After the Council for Estate Agents was formed in October 2010, a real estate agent misled her client, causing him to lose $65,670.

YEAR 2015
A real estate agent did not act in good faith and failed to perform estate agency work in accordance with applicable laws, resulting in a loss of $32,000 for the client.

YEAR 2016
 real estate agent’s wrongful conduct resulted in clients losing $81,133 from failing to get a refund for ABSD paid.

YEAR 2018
A real estate salesperson gave wrong information about the expiry of an Option to Purchase, causing a client to lose $30,000.

YEAR 2019
A home seller was misrepresented by his real estate salesperson and had to pay $70,400 to IRAS for the sale of his property.

A property agent engaged to help in the purchase of a condominium unit misappropriated nearly $600,000 of her client’s money. This led to the failure of the client to complete the purchase from a real estate developer. The total amount lost, including forfeiture of payments made earlier, was a whopping $1.2 million! To date, the client has not been able to recover the amount.

You can find some of these cases documented on the Council for Estate Agents (CEA) website and regardless the amount involved, be it $30,000 or $1.2 million, falling victim to a real estate transaction is not what anyone wants. Mistakes are made when victims fail to make the right decisions or conduct due diligence, or trust the wrong person. But what if I told you that all of this could have been easily avoided?

Why Some Transactions Screw Up


First, ask yourself this question: Are all real estate agents the same?

Yes, all real estate agents are in the business of providing real estate services and solutions. Some choose to be general practitioners, while others specialize, and this makes a whole lot of difference when selling a unique property falling under these three categories:

  1. Rare properties that are infrequently transacted, where information is not easily available.
  2. Luxury homes requiring more than basic selling skills. Specialists with expert knowledge and top-notched skills are needed when dealing with High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI).
  3. Specialised properties that require technical knowledge and experience to secure the best possible price. Examples include landed properties, especially older units. Your appointed salesperson needs the right knowledge, and business partners are necessary. Lawyers, architects, builders & contractors can engage and convince the right buyers when they surface.

"Each man is capable of doing one thing well. If he attempts several, he will fail to achieve distinction in any"


As a home seller, would you engage the services of a real estate agent whom you can trust or a reliable one? Does it sound confusing? What’s the difference? Let’s imagine a scenario: You have three friends who are doctors; one is an eye surgeon, the other is a cardiologist, and the last is a neurologist. If you have a toothache, which friend will you go to?

🔲  The Eye Surgeon
🔲  The Cardiologist
🔲  The Neurologist

The answer is obvious, isn’t it? You look for a dentist who is not a friend! You can hire a friend or relative that you trust, but when it comes to having the right skills and knowledge to negotiate in your best interest, is your friend or relative reliable enough to do the job well? As the saying goes, it is easy to hire a friend or a relative, but it is difficult to fire them when you do not achieve your desired outcome. The truth is, you need to get the right person to do the right job!

how DID SOME home sellers mess things up themselves? what exactly did they do wrong?


Sounds unbelievable?

You might wonder, how can a home seller make any mistakes other than the fact that they are misled or misinformed by their real estate agent, right? WRONG! Many home sellers make costly mistakes due to their own faults and the three main reasons are improper planning, lack of trust, and oversights. All these mistakes took place even before the home sellers meet with any real estate agents. During the meeting, the only instruction for the latter is to find them a buyer at a particular price. There were no discussions and mistakes are made repeatedly. A few home sellers even had to compensate the buyer & the real estate agent in the process to rescind the sale after realising that selling their property does not make any financial sense and in fact, will burden them with greater inconveniences and financial loss. Here are some common but actual mistakes that we have seen.

mistakes-home-sellers-make  Failure to check loan redemption date…

mistakes-home-sellers-make  Sales proceed is not enough to buy another property…

mistakes-home-sellers-make  Miscalculating the Sellers Stamp Stamps (SSD) timeline…

mistakes-home-sellers-make  Paying penalty for delaying the completion of sale due to miscalculating the timeline…

mistakes-home-sellers-make  SPR selling their landed property and making assumption they will get another SLA’s approval to buy another landed…

mistakes-home-sellers-make  Overlooking the Additional Buyers Stamp Duties (ABSD) because they are SPR, foreigner or spouse is a foreigner…

mistakes-home-sellers-make  Selling too soon or holding on too long and missed the market only to end up selling $300,000 lower almost a year later!

when will someone realised they made a mistake?


People often realise that they have made a mistake when the consequences of their actions become apparent. It could be a moment of sudden clarity when they see the negative impact of their choices on themselves or others. This realisation might also occur when someone points out their error, leading to self-reflection. Emotions such as guilt, regret, or remorse can trigger this recognition. In a property transaction, it might take time for home sellers to understand the magnitude of their error, especially if it involves complex situations. Albert Einstein famously quoted this, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” but in any given situation regardless it is a $30,000 or a $1.2 million mistake, we will all agree that prevention is better than cure. So how can you prevent this from happening to you? 

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We promise you 100% that there will be no hard selling! As always, we will only present facts and unbiased opinions that will help you make a better decision!

"Every master was once a disaster"

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In the book Outliers, which debuted at number one for eleven consecutive weeks on the bestseller lists for The New York Times and The Globe and Mail, the author, Malcolm Gladwell, repeatedly highlights the “10,000-Hour Rule” as the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill. To a large extent, a matter of practising the correct way, for a total of around 10,000 hour.

Since 1992, we have invested not 10,000, but almost 100,000 hours sharpening our skills & knowledge. We go above and beyond to provide exceptional service to our clients. Having successfully brokered hundreds of condominiums and landed properties, we understand every individual’s needs and highest positive intention. We have honed our skills and expertise to deliver results that exceed expectations. 

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"Alexs was such a pleasure to work with - he is very professional, highly experienced, well-mannered, well-spoken and knowledgeable, and I highly recommend him and wish him every success!"
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"I was pleasantly surprised on how Alexs conducted himself based on integrity, honesty and efficiency. He is an exception and a true professional in his job. He is also extremely helpful and provides great service even after the deal has been closed. I sincerely hope he can be an example on the rest of the industry on true professionalism. I look forward to working with him again for future property deals and will not hesitate to recommend him strongly to close family and friends.
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"Alexs is armed with much professionalism and knowledge about the property market; and always try his utmost best to find the best property that matched his buyers/ sellers needs. I can vouch for that because I have been that client who benefitted from both sides."
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“Working with Alexs was hassle-free. He understood my requirements and curated viewings to match seller and buyer needs.”

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As leaders in the service industry, we take pride in sharing our expertise and knowledge with the public. Our commitment to educating and advising our customers on property transactions has gained recognition through various media channels, both online and offline. Our direct engagement with clients and business associates allows us to gain a deeper understanding of their concerns and needs, which in turn enables us to provide tailored and effective solutions. Our extensive experience and wealth of knowledge uniquely positions us to provide the best advice for buying, selling, or leasing properties. We are confident in our ability to serve our customers with the utmost professionalism and dedication.

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